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Date: May 25 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Venue: Avondale Branch Library

Host: Asian Pacific Islander American History Collective

Join us for a talk at the Avondale Public Library as we delve into the life of Vincent Manago Hambright, a Filipino American boxer. This discussion stems from the “Uncovering the Legacy of Filipino American Boxer Vincent Hambright” oral history project, which seeks to piece together the fragmented stories of a man whose life was marked by both accomplishment and tragedy.

Our journey through Hambright’s life explores not only his impressive career in the boxing ring but also his personal life, which was tragically cut short in a racially motivated murder in 1946. Through personal narratives, family anecdotes, and historical documentation, I aim to provide a more complete picture of Hambright’s contributions and the societal conditions of his time.

This session will offer a unique opportunity to understand the deep impact of Vincent’s life and death on his family and the broader community, highlighting the importance of preserving such histories for future generations. Join us to explore how personal stories intersect with larger historical narratives and help shape our understanding of the past.